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Neil Mansell Author

Science Fiction Writer.

Retro Gaming Writer.

From an early age I have been known as a book worm. Always reading and making a story out of anything from a regional map in the Christmas TV Guides to something I had seen or heard.
I even wrote a small story named ‘Flashback’ that shall we say, looking back on it, was not my best work. Having sent it to many publishers at the time (I was around 14/15 years old), I received many knock backs letters to my disgust, although with good intentions.

After this life suddenly took over. My writing gradually got less and less, although I still try to read. Job (being in IT for 25+ years), wife and kids came along and my time was taken up with other exciting things that clawed at my attention.

A few years ago, I began writing again. Starting on my dream of being an author and getting my works published. I have since pursued this dream and have attempted to continue to write. Having a main story that I have dreamt of telling since a younger age; so, I put my actions into motion and began… Only to feel that my skills were not good enough for the rich story telling I felt I needed to tell my epic story. I quickly found out that writing is hard work!

Not to give up on the idea of becoming a writer, I then decided to write other stories that allowed me to tweak my writing skills and ‘find my style’. This may include other works over the years such as the magazine I created for a computer (Amiga) podcast and new stories for competition. Having listened and read many articles about writing I set to create my ‘brand’ using social platforms and this very website.

I am also a keen amateur photographer which allows me to utilise all these social plinths in some form for both of my creative sides. I enjoy taking photos and making a story around the scene. Probably from my younger days of doing the same with magazine cut-outs.

I am always open to criticism, comments and of course praise and have so many stories to tell that feel I will burst any moment, but have decided to learn the craft, hopefully getting it right in the process and thus creating a strict environment that not only allows me to write regularly, but also keeps the flow of my creativity.

I am always happy to hear from you, please use the form below or alternatively email me direct neil@neilmansellauthor.co.uk

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