Cockpit Arcade Cabinet Build

As many of you may know I am an IT Geek, love my technology and utilising my creative side to build ‘IT things’, which mainly evolve around my childhood memories, such as arcade rooms.


Obviously we all haven’t got spare rooms to convert into an solid arcade room featuring all my growing up memories, albeit without the fag smell and noisy arcade sounds.


So I converted one of our garden sheds to become this memory.  Along with a bar and Bar-B-Q- area (saves getting the house messy during so called ‘get togethers’.


One of the ways I feed my creative side is to build arcade cabinets and I have built and replaced with new built versions over the last few years.



Here are just some of previous examples:

So what’s next?  Well, I wanted the next version of my cabinet to be the ULTIMATE, so have injected some of my creativity (saving most for my writing) to creating a sit down ‘Star Wars’ clone, but this one will be two player, have LED buttons, Spinners, Wheels, Light Guns, the works!


I will update with some new images soon of my planning stages as like everything I am a project manager at heart and plan every stage before work begins, although of course these plans can change along the way.

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