Stage 0(b): Email Mailing List

My next thought is to turn my attention to my email mailing list.

This would be a nice way to communicate with my readers and showcase some of my personal and exclusive findings. 

I looked into ConvertKit and Mailchimp and have decided at this stage that ConvertKit would be the best option for me, although its not as low cost as MailChimp, and of course I can always it in the future.  After all the mailing list will belong to me.

The free account with them offers me the best options for me until my list begins to grow, thereafter I will begin to purchase to utilise all the features.

I setup the basics before going to design a form for my website.

Once registered it rook me to the ‘Create Landing Pages and Forms’

I clicked Create New, then selected Form

(Landing Page is if you don’t have a website yet)

Next I was asked to choose the display format.  I choose Inline.

Next I choose the template.  This will allow a template to appear which I customised by changing its appearance (text, colours, form name)

When I was done, I made sure to click Save at the top right.

You can also change the messages for when anyone signs up as well as the Incentive Emails sent, but I left these at the default levels for now.

I then clicked Embed that gives me various options to embed onto my website.

My website is WordPress so I selected the appropriate tab and copied the text. (eg: [ConvertKit form=xxxxxxxx]).

I will now place this onto my website.

I downloaded the ConvertKit WordPress plugin, or I could have just copy and pasted the code into the appropriate page on my site.

I did this by going to my Website Admin Dashboard.

Clicking Appearance then Widgets.

I dragged the ‘Custom HTML’ widget on the left to the location of my right sidebar.

Then add the code as its contents.

ConvertKit also allows setup of Automation.  So, I could setup a sequence which is a series of automated emails once someone has signed up.  For example, the first automated email could give people the link to a free eBook or such.

I know ConvertKit will allow me to setup my mailing list but I am not quite ready to move onto setting up the newsletter just yet, but I will come back to this at a later date, where I plan to broadcast newsletters to all my fans as well as beta/proof readers only.

Note: With the ConvertKit Free option, as soon as your first referral is accepted you will unlock the ability to manage subscribers and send broadcast emails to your fans.

Alternatively, you unlock to a full account with up to 1,000 subscribers for an additional cost.

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