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Neil Mansell Author - Scrivener Link

Having tried a variety of PC software available to me, I decided I liked Scrivener to write my manuscript, rather than Word.

Scrivener is not just a word replacement.  It allows me to organise my chapters, scenes and research, all under one application.

At this time I also set up an office 365 account and decided to utilise OneDrive on my PC so that I could backup to OneDrive, not only allowing me to open the Scriv file on other machines but also for peace of mind of always having a backup ‘in the cloud’.  I save the last few backups on hard drive as well, so always have previous versions of my work to fall back on, if ever the need arises?!


Neil Mansell Author - Scapple Link

When I bought Scrivener, I opted for the Bundle which included Scapple.

Scapple is way of putting my musings onto a page.  It’s very good when outlining some of the character and plot arcs, allowing me to visualise the links between them all.

I will be doing a more in-depth tutorial of how I use Scrivener and Scapple later (as I’m till getting to grips with some of the many features). Watch this space!

You can buy Scapple by clicking on either of the images above. I am an affiliate of the product and you would pay the same but help me and my site.


Although not officially an app I use Canva a lot to create my website images.  if you have some wording you need to prettier for online viewing or custom logo then Canva is the right online took for you.  I also use it for images for social media.

It’s primarily free but you can subscribe to the Pro version with added features (or even the Enterprise version).  Now I continue to use the free version which covers all my requirements.

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