My Writing Journey

Neil Mansell Author - Writing Journey Stage 1 (The Setup)
0. The Setup
Neil Mansell Author - Writing Journey Stage 1 (Research)
1. Research
Neil Mansell Author - Writing Journey Stage 2 (First Draft)
2. First Draft
Neil Mansell Author - Writing Journey Stage 3 (Editing)
3. Editing
Neil Mansell Author - Writing Journey Stage 4 (Marketing)
4. Marketing
Neil Mansell Author - Writing Journey Stage 5 (Publishing)
5. Publishing

In the words of Annie Lennox, ‘Why?’ you may ask. 

Well due to spending the last year (erm maybe years) soaking up information about writing and becoming an indie author from various books, podcasts and you tube videos.  Only to find that whilst I was taking notes along the way, I wasn’t writing!

I was known as a book worm from a very young age due to loving reading and writing.  Hell, I even had my own choose your own adventure books written by my own hand.  Imaginative stories albeit not very commercial.

So back to now and although I have spent time researching how to write, I do believe this time was not totally wasted.  I know have an outlined plan of the process which will no doubt change as I progress along it.

The researching also meant I did not have any writing time to place content on the website either.  So, I thought why not write down the writing progress and place this on the site for help to other up and coming authors.  So that is what this is.  It’s my writing journey. From the very first steps to becoming an author.  Obviously at this stage I am yet to reach that goal but hopefully this will server its purpose until the final climax of reading my own words from my very own book.  Exciting, scary and a whole lot of hard work in front of me, with a view to hopefully becoming a full-time author unlike working a ‘9-5’ creativity squashing job now.

It also gives me accountability about setting goals and targets.  Knowing you (the reader) is following my progress pushes me into the writing mode even more.

I created what I called a ‘Writers Bible’, which was all the information I had collected on writing and writing for a living.  This has since between superseded by what can only be classed as stages of writing, of which I will be adding to the site, alongside my experiences – good and bad.

If you are following a similar path (or even further down the path) I would be happy to hear your comments.  Please contact me email by emailing me or click the CONTACT page of the site and share your thoughts.

I have also decided to become an indie writer and publish wide. Giving me control and choice and determining everything about my books.

Also, to note, there are affiliate links within the content of these pages to some products and services that I would recommend AND use personally. What this means is that I will receive a small percentage of sales although at no extra cost to you, and in some cases, you may receive a discount for using these links to purchase any such products or services. To add I only recommend products and services that I believe are good for writers and it’s not a money-making exercise, just another form of income to help with the running of the site.

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